Our Content...

Our material is 100% ours and we don't resell you anything. We have years of experience and have taught both technical and non-technical courses.

Custom To Us

Aberdeen Cyber Security has developed our own learning resources. The resources have been developed by qualified UK lecturers.

Modern Learning

Our learning resources are new, modern and fresh. They have recently been developed and are renewed and updated constantly.


Aberdeen Cyber Security can accommodate training sessions at our offices. We can also travel to your office and deliver training on your premises.

Bespoke Courses...

We have existing content that is ready for delivery. If you prefer something that's aligned with your company, we'll create specific content just for you.

Cyber Security Training

Look no further than Aberdeen Cyber Security to deliver local and trusted cyber security training to your organization.

Tailored For You

We create courses and training that is specifically tailored to you and your unique business. Your company employees can relate to the content.

Our Library

We have a large library of resources that are ready for delivery. They are relevant to most organizations and the course will be delivered by a qualified UK lecturer.

Delivery Methods...

Prefer learning 1-1 or in a small group? We are highly experienced with all types of delivery and can accommodate you.

Group Learning

The common and cost-effective method is in a group. We don't restrict the number of attendees. Take as many as you like, as long as we fit into the room!

1-1 Tuition

Aberdeen Cyber Security can provide you with specialist 1-1 tuition. Our approach and personal understanding is distinctive.

Online Learning

We can deliver our ready-made and or custom learning online. This might be a preferred way of delivery if you have a diverse team who are local.