IT Support...

Allow Aberdeen Cyber Security to be your trusted IT support company and provide you with a functional and knowledgeable IT support helpdesk.

Desktop Support

Aberdeen Cyber Security supports all types of desktops including Apple Macs. We offer repairs, upgrades, diagnosing and general support.

Laptop Support

Laptops don't faze us, we support all types of laptops including MacBooks. We offer repairs, upgrades, diagnosing and general support.

Tablet & Phone Support

No device is too small for Aberdeen Cyber Security. We are support all types of tablets and smartphones running all types of systems.

Managed IT...

We are a managed service provider (MSP) for our clients. This means that we take control of your IT and allow you to focus on building your business.

Server Management

Leverage the skills and technical know-how at Aberdeen Cyber Security and allow us to fully manage your company servers.

Computers & Networks

Our engineers are on hand to look after your computers & network infrastructure. This includes both critical wired and wireless infrastructure.


Our specialist software can be set up on your devices to monitor their condition. We will have a proactive insight into any potential issues.

Managed Security...

Aberdeen Cyber Security is a managed security service provider (MSSP). Our competent service protects you from advanced cyber threats.


Our team will conduct an analysis of your current IT setup. We then use this information and provide you with recommendations on how to secure your IT.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

A good and robust intrusion detection & prevention system will alert and stop any unauthorized access to your systems.

Threat Management

Aberdeen Cyber Security is able to effectively and securely manage any IT and cyber threats to your company. We help protect your important business.