Cyber Scan...

By conducting a cyber security scan, you are made aware of any issues before they are exploited. Our scans are performed both internally and externally.

Server Scan

Aberdeen Cyber Security can scan your production servers to pinpoint any potential loopholes that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Internal Scan

An internal scan is an important step in your approach to cyber security. This mimics a rogue employee or a hacker who has internal IT access.

External Scan

This is when we perform advanced scans and attack your systems from outside of your business. This mimics a real hacker or a malicious competitor.

Endpoint Security...

Modern day working conditions has changed the way employees work. Threats and viruses are changing constantly.

Advanced Anti-Virus

Modern-day anti-virus programs allow for a more secure, functional and adaptive IT estate that don't harm productivity.

BYOD Security

Companies are now allowing their employees to use their personal device to do work on. This has many benefits but security is often forgotten.


Aberdeen Cyber Security can monitor the condition of your company computers. We'll know if they're on, what they're being used for and by whom.

Network Security...

Aberdeen Cyber Security is ready to help you become more security aware and reduce the risk of accidental or malicious data loss.


A virtual private network is a secure way for you to protect yourself and your data whilst away from a trusted network.

Wired & Wireless

Ethernet and wireless networks should be locked down to prevent unauthorized access. This minimizes the potential for security breaches.


Having a strong and robust firewall in your network should be of high priority. A secure and correct implementation is the first line of defense.