Cloud Email...

Always on, updated and secure email that is available across every device. Ditch the on-premise email server and start the migration today.

Office 365

It's the same Microsoft Office products that you already know and love but in the cloud. Highly secure, always updated and ready for you across all devices.

Custom Domain

A cloud email solution allows your business to stand out from the crowd by using custom email address rather than Hotmail or Gmail.


Apps & Software

With the same subscription, you have mobile, web and desktop access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype etc.

Cloud Servers...

It may be cost effective to run some or all of your servers in the cloud. You'll save on the initial cost with the ability to shrink or grow when required.


With a cloud server, you don't have the traditional cost that comes with buying a physical server. You just simply rent the server from the cloud provider.

Product Range

Cloud servers allow you to pick from an extensive list with impeccable performance. No need for the initial cost that is tied with an on-premise server.


Some customers still require an on-premise server. Leverage the power of the cloud and integrate the physical server with a cloud server for redundancy.

Cloud Migration...

Do you have an on-premise server that is end of life or is no longer practical? Make the move to serverless computing with us today.

Cost Reduction

By migrating physical servers to the cloud and becoming more efficient, you can reduce business costs that are associated with an on-premise server.


Aberdeen Cyber Security can help businesses that use one server for hosting one service/application. Consolidate resources by reducing hardware.


Backing up your cloud servers really couldn't be easier. With modern-day cloud providers, backing up and restoring is a one-click process.