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Basic Network Security

A network is when two or more computers are connected together. Most businesses have a network that allows them to operate. This allows the business to share printers, files and connect to the Internet. Therefore, a common way for attackers and cybercriminals to gain access to your organization is through a network such as the Internet. It is vital that a company has good and robust network security.

A network attack poses a high risk to all organizations. If a cybercriminal has access to your network, they potentially have access to all of your files on your computer or server. Sadly, this can be catastrophic to a business and cause unnecessary distress and downtime. Therefore, be fully protected, it is absolutely vital that company networks are secured against both internal and external threats.


  • Denial of service: If your network is connected to the Internet, then you are vulnerable to a hacking method called a Denial Of Service (DOS). This is when attackers drive a large amount of fake and spam traffic to your network. The issue comes when legitimate users try to access internal or external resources, they are unable to as it’s overloaded with bogus and fake traffic.
  • Import and export of malware: Malware is unwanted malicious software. There are many different trends and branches from malware, all of which can have a detrimental impact on a business. It is highly recommended to protect computers with a robust and advanced anti-virus solution. Malware could be inserted into a computer system from an external attacker via the Internet. Furthermore, a rogue employee who already has access to your systems could compromise a system either accidentally or maliciously.
  • System exploitation: Business IT systems can run on old, unpatched and outdated hardware and software. By not upgrading a system, the risk of system exploitation becoming successful will increase over time. It is important to keep IT systems updated to mitigate any potential exploitation from hackers.

How we can help:

  • Security policies: We can construct, implement and maintain network security designs and policies that align with your organization’s broader risk management approach. We align the policy and procedures with industry best standards.
  • Network perimeter: Are you aware of what is entering and exiting your network? We can deploy advanced next-generation firewalls that control and manage all inbound and outbound network connections. This also uses technical controls to scan for transversing malicious content.
  • Internal network: A network can have a rock solid and secure network firewall that protects the entrance and exit. However, is the internal network protected from an insider attack? It is important to protect the internal network to minimize any potential issues.


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