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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Cloud Computing

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say everyone is talking about the cloud. What’s more, your business is probably using the cloud at the moment for a number of services. This article will cover three aspects of the cloud and you can download a free infographic that outlines a total of five reasons as to why the cloud works so well for most businesses.

We have just recently deployed a server that is hosted within a Microsoft Azure UK data center. This server is being used to back up all of the companies Office365 emails, OneDrive files, and multiple SharePoint sites. A common misconception is that Microsoft is backing up your emails for you. Sadly, this isn’t the case. We have saved our client around 56% on this solution; this is something we’re really proud of.

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Why Cloud Computing Works So Well For Most Businesses – A Free Infographic From Aberdeen Cyber Security

1 – It’s Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Unlike physical computers and computing infrastructure, there is a minimal upfront cost attached to cloud computing. Big providers such as Microsoft, Amazo and Google offer monthly subscriptions and licenses. By migrating physical servers to the cloud and becoming more efficient, you can make your business more lean by reducing business costs that are associated with an on-premise server. Aberdeen Cyber Security can help businesses that use one server for hosting one service/application, it’s time to consolidate resources by reducing hardware.

2 – Security

Most small and medium-sized businesses have a set budget for their IT spend each year. As hackers become more sophisticated and more breaches are disclosed, you could easily spend thousands each year making sure that your on-premise servers are secure. With cloud computing, Microsoft, Amazon and Google and doing the hard work for you. This is because they are making sure their data centers around the globe are secure. This is good news because this service is included in the price of the cloud computing service. It really is that simple.

3 – Backing Up
Backups are a big topic just now. Most IT companies who are worth their salt will be prioritizing your backup system. Not only to make sure that your data is safe but also to make sure if you ever fall victim to a cybersecurity attack, backups can be used as they are crucial for recovery. With most cloud servers and solutions, the backups are built into the service and included in the price. This is at the core of cloud computing as a whole.

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