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Local, fresh, reliable and great value for money. We are Aberdeen Cyber Security Ltd.

A few things we’re great at


It is vital to protect your wired and wireless networks from attack. We are able to defend the network and filter out unauthorised access and malicious content.



The most common source of cyber security breaches is company employees. This risk can be mitigated by enforcing security policies. We use state-of-the-art training materials.



We are able to provide managed IT service to your business. This allows us to supply you with a bespoke solution including user, infrastructure and application management.



We conduct internal and external pen tests of your network and systems. By conducting a pen test, you are made aware of any holes that exist in your system before they are exploited.



The move to the cloud is in motion and is not slowing down. We are able to supply your business with a range of different secure cloud solutions. Cutting costs and investing wisely.



Take the stress out of your hands and allow us to manage and provide an IT support function to your business. We do this at a fraction of the typical cost whilst providing excellent service.


Enjoy the best Fully Managed IT Company in Aberdeen

A 21st-century company in Aberdeen with the goal of protecting, securing and modernising companies IT estates with secure cloud offerings and managed IT services.

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